This collection, which focuses on Bornholm’s expressions and pays tribute to the once flourishing fishing industry, has an important message to convey. It is a tribute to Bornholm’s history and cultural heritage, as well as a reminder of the importance fishing once had for the island.

By wearing these shirts, you send a powerful message of pride, respect and preservation of Bornholm’s maritime heritage. It is a way of carrying the past with you and honoring the people who have been part of the fishery and have contributed to the development of the island.

The shirts become more than just clothes, they become symbols of a living memory of the time at the port, when the fathers went out to sea and where Malene Sommer herself has her memories. They tell a story of a society and culture deeply connected to the sea and its resources.

By wearing these shirts, you not only show your personal style, but also your commitment to preserving and celebrating Bornholm’s history and identity. It’s a way to raise awareness of the fishing that once was, and at the same time show respect for the personal experiences and memories associated with it.

Through art and fashion, the jersey collection becomes a bridge between the past and the present, and it gives Malene Sommer the opportunity to share her personal connection to Bornholm with a wider public. It is an aesthetic and meaningful way of carrying a message about cultural heritage and memories from the past.

This jersey collection will therefore be a tool to convey Bornholm’s unique history, create awareness about the importance of the past and inspire the preservation of Bornholm’s culture.


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