Danish Artist

Malene Sommer who lives on the small Danish island of Bornholm is a versatile artist with a sharp graphic eye and talent for creating 3D models and illustrations. Her background in textile design and education in IT has given her a unique combination of creative and technical skills, which she utilizes in her work as an artist.

The art revolves around the form and shaping of objects in space. She creates still lifes that lie between the abstract and the recognisable, the organic and the man-made and the stylish and the absurd. Her works combine colors and textures in unusual ways that are at once confusing and surreal. The art of painting moves the recognizable from normal contexts and places it in a new, conceptual space, where realism slips into dreams.

With his graphic eye, Malene manages to enhance the characteristics of the forms by exaggerating the forms, textures and real potential of the materials. Her play with combining naturally occurring, unique, organic forms with sharp, industrial forms creates a contrasting field of tension, which is characteristic of Malene’s works.

Malene currently works for the advertising agency “Miru” on Bornholm and also works as a freelancer on personal projects. Her versatile and unique approach to art has set her apart from other artists, and her work continues to influence the world of advertising and beyond.
You are more than welcome to contact Malene for future cooperation.


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