Catch the Wave of Sustainable Change


As the designer for the collection “Catch the Wave of Sustainable Change“, I want to explain the idea behind the posters and why a piece of fabric has been chosen as the visual element.

The idea behind the collection is to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and encourage people to take action to create a positive change in our world. The posters are designed to capture the viewer’s attention and inspire them to engage in sustainable actions in their everyday lives.

The choice of a piece of fabric as the visual element on the posters has several purposes. Firstly, the fabric represents our relationship with the textile industry, which is often associated with negative environmental impacts such as the use of plastic-based materials. By presenting a piece of fabric, we want to create a visual contrast and make the viewer think about the sustainable use of materials in our clothes and textiles.

Furthermore, the waves on the fabric symbolize a wave of change and action. Waves are dynamic and transformative, and they represent the wave of awareness and engagement we want to inspire. By choosing a piece of fabric with waves, we want to create a visual metaphor for the transformative power that can be achieved through sustainable actions.

The posters’ message, “Catch the Wave of Sustainable Change,” encourages people to catch, seize and participate in the wave of sustainable change. We want to create a sense of hope, optimism and empowerment in the viewer and motivate them to make sustainable choices in their daily lives.

Overall, the idea behind the posters in the “Catch the Wave of Sustainable Change” campaign is to inspire and engage people to be part of the positive wave of change towards a more sustainable future. We want to raise awareness of our individual and collective responsibility to take action and contribute to a better world.


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