It is important to wear this message on a shirt, as it creates a deeper connection to Bornholm’s history and cultural heritage. Paying tribute to the once thriving fishing industry and recalling the time at the harbor and the fathers who took to the sea, Malene Sommer brings a sense of nostalgia and respect for the work and lifestyle of the past.

The jersey functions as a visual symbol that carries the history and memories of an era that has shaped Bornholm as a society. It reminds us of the people who once worked in the fishery and honors their contribution to the island’s development and identity.

By wearing the shirt, you also show support and recognition of the Bornholm culture and the uniqueness of the island. It becomes a way of preserving and celebrating history while wearing an aesthetic and meaningful piece of clothing.

This jersey collection gives Malene Sommer the opportunity to share her personal connection to Bornholm and her family’s history. By combining art and fashion, she creates a medium that goes beyond just being a piece of clothing and becomes a supporting expression of a strong cultural identity and memories from the past.

Through this jersey message, we can value and protect Bornholm’s heritage and pass the story on to future generations. It is a way to celebrate our roots and create a sense of community and pride for those connected to Bornholm.

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